The first post that I make on this blog must be the most obvious. This whole blog is about swings, so it only seems appropriate that I speak about them for a bit. You can find swings of all shapes and sizes in practically every location that is a park or a playground around the world, and these days most back yards and gardens also have swings too. They’ve become the most common playground toy in the world because of the amount of fun they bring kids and even to this day a lot of adults! Swings will always be a fun toy for kids and adults alike for both its simplicity and its fun of use. They can be made in all shapes and sizes, and they can be played anywhere if you have a front or back garden. Swings are also probably one of the oldest and cheapest toys for kids and adults to make and use in the world, also giving effect to why they have maintained such popularity throughout the years.

Swings are very easy to make and are a very practical activity as a child, since there is not much work to do. It’s a very simplistic activity that just requires momentum and gravity, and the simplicity of building the swing itself makes it that much more popular and fun to use. While most home owners do not actually own a garden or a front porch to use a swing on, there are swings in many children’s park. This is due to the swing itself being a very easy piece of equipment to create and manufacture, and most importantly for a children’s park to maintain.

A swing is mostly used for the children to enjoy rather than adults, of course. The average children toy within a park must be easy for them to understand and use, but also something that are incredibly strong with little possibility of breakdown or failure. The possibility of children being hurt while using these equipment’s are much lowered than the average household toy. Of course, you can be guaranteed that a child will eventually hurt themselves using a swing because they may either slip off the swing itself or even land badly. However, this is not a fault of the swings design nor is it a fault of the swing itself, rather than the person using it. That’s why parents for the most part feel safer building their own in the back garden, as they can keep an eye on the child without having to worry if they will hurt themselves.

In an up-coming blog post, we will go through the history of a swing and how it was first invented, created, used and so on. For now, however, we wanted this blog post to solely be about the swing itself. It is a world-wide used children’s activity, and it has almost become a staple for generations that have come and gone. It is also an activity that will most likely be around for a long time yet to come, and be involved in most childhoods until the end of time.