Luxury Garden Swings

Although I don’t often get to talk about it much since it’s such an obscure and unfamiliar concept and often times I am talking about either the history of swings themselves or other such things, but I have seen many different luxury swings created by some great carpenters for peoples back gardens and front gardens. When I say luxurious swings, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge swing seat that is either zebra patterned on the seat itself or is huge with pink frills on them. But that is not at all what I’m talking about, mostly. I have seen those types of swings and while I say that they are tacky at best, you can also see why there is a market for that type of thing. Many women and young girls would like that type of design and there is nothing wrong with getting something that is to your own tastes. I have also seen those same swings done tastefully and they can look very nice and are incredibly comfortable depending on the carpenter who created it.

The swings that I am talking about however, are the intricate and beautifully made swings that have a design approach to them. One of the more popular and well-known types of luxury swings that I am talking about are love swings. These are usually swing seats that are complimented with very soft and comfortable seats to allow relaxation. Sometimes, instead of swing seats you would see the same design with hammocks or even hanging beds depending on who created them. The actual frame and exterior of the swing however is what makes it both stand out, and become luxurious. They are often beautifully handcrafted and painted with loving, warm colours to ensure total bliss. The frame itself would be built into a shape of a love heart for lovers to share together, hence getting the name of love swings. Some of these are beautiful, and if you are yet to see one I would suggest looking them up!

Another luxury swing that I am a huge fan of are swings that are designed specifically to relax on as opposed to using as a swing. This again is usually in the shape of either a hammock, or uses a large swing seat to accommodate two people on. The seat itself is also large enough to allow two people to lay down and gently swing and suspend themselves rather than to use as the conventional toy. These swings are also built with a large frame to ensure that people are not hurt when using it, and to ensure the seat itself does not collapse because of the weight of those using it. The frame itself is usually designed into something far more creative than the average swing set design, and depending on where you decide to place it (the back garden or the front, although I would always suggest back), you can task a carpenter to create one for you with whatever design you may like.

I truly love swings, and I am happy there is a market out there for more luxurious and creative swings too. Sadly, I believe that there are not enough carpenters and joiners creating extremely creative and ambitious designs that far outweigh the norm.