History of Swings!

One of the things that I wanted to get to on my last blog post but never had a chance to where the history of swings themselves. A swinging seat is often known as a hanging seat for most, especially since that is the basic form of that it is. As said in our last blog post, the swings themselves are often found in playgrounds for both adults and children, while they are also often at circuses for acrobats. One of the examples you would often see swings for adults are at somewhere such as Cirque de Soleil, and they are also often on porches for adults to use to relax. Swings can also be considered something different than just the average children’s activity, and often such as in Latin America you can see swing-like fashions such as hammocks. These are the same type of seats as a swing, and they can also be very enjoyable to use outdoors during the summer.

Often, these swings are suspended using stronger materials such as reinforced wooden beams or metal framing, to ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised over time because of weight. Other times, these same swings may be larger in frame to allow more than just one swing seat, which would then make the swing a swing seat. The swing seats allow more than just one child or one adult to use the swings, and means that they are required to be stronger structurally. This means you’ll have to make sure that every swing is reinforced to allow a large sum of weight over a sustained period.

There are also many different forms of swings too. That is partially the reason I don’t like to suggest that swings are merely hanging seats. The truth is, swings come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the often-used types of swings within America specifically are the tire swings. You would often see this in poorer areas around the United States, and if you have watched many films based around the 1900’s you would have definitely see in within the movies! They basically rely on the suspension of a motor tire that a child can sit inside and be pushed around. They are often hung on chains from things such as metal or wooden beams for structural integrity, and if they are hung flat then they can hold three or more children at a time. You do not even have to use them as a back and forth swing as well, but rather to swing around with.

In future, we are going to get a bit more in depth regarding swings within the world and the history behind them too. Swings are a very important interest to me, mainly because I used to love them as a child but I also love them now that I am older. I think that they are very easy things to create, but are also fun to use. I wouldn’t exactly say that they bring you back to your childhood or easier times or anything such as that, but I will say that I have always carried over a love for them because of my childhood.

In the next blog post we will definitely be going into more detail regarding the history of swings.