History of Swings Part 2

On our previous blog post we spoke briefly about the history of swings. Since there is more to cover in terms of the history behind the activity itself, I thought that a new blog post was naturally necessary. Although swings themselves have been around for a long time, it turns out that the invention of the swing itself has been around much longer than people may have originally thought. Children and babies alike love using swings when it comes to enjoyment and entertainment, and a part of that is due to the swaying motion that swings bring along. When you are a young child or a baby, it is natural that the swinging motion puts you at ease. This is something that is normal all around the world. That is why as we have said in our previous posts that swings have some sort of connection to everyone’s childhood.

As it turns out, the very first swing that had been invented was as early as the 5th century in Greece. The Greeks have been the first culture to have documented the use of swings in history, and they have had early vases and paintings depicting children’s and women swinging on hanging seats. Usually, the older depictions show women being swung on a hanging seat by a man (who I can only assume is courting her!). However, the first genuine evidence of a swing being used was in early Minoan times, which depicted a sculpture of a woman who was sitting on a swing with an elevated seat all the way as early as 1300 BC at least. The only issue with the sculpture itself is that although a woman is depicted using a hanging seat, there is no way to tell if human men or women used the swing itself, and it was not just a miniature toy or sculpture.

Past the Greek 5th Century BC depictions of women using swings, the more popular memories of swings in history were the used by new American pioneering families. It would show the women who are swinging on the seats in very beautiful blouses being swung from a wooden stick that had been elevated by two ropes that had been connected to a tree. In the same vein, it showed children using the same swings being swung around by their parents.

The truth is that swings have been fashioned by anything and everything in the history of the world. There are so many natural swings that exist within the world too. One common example that we have seen because of the film Tarzan is the vine. The film depicts Tarzan swinging around the jungle using an assortment of vines within the jungle itself. Eventually however, people realised how enjoyable swings are to use for children especially, and it became natural for adults to create a safe way for children to use them. That is why currently, most of the double and single swing sets are reinforced with stronger metals or wooden beams that are fastened within the floor to ensure that they are as safe as possible for the children to use. This is also included within the chain link or thick rope fasteners to ensure that the seat itself does not fall apart.

I hope that you have enjoyed todays blog post, and I also hope that you will enjoy our next blog post too!