Electronic Swings!

One of the newer models of swings that you may be able to find within the world currently are electronic swings. While they are still a newer concept, the electronic swings are used for babies to swing them gently back and forth within motion automatically. The technology itself is still in its infancy and I believe any larger version of the swing is still begin tested for adults. The technology itself for human adults to use should not be too far for completion however, since we have the same basic principles being used in other areas and other walks of life.

The swing itself is perfect for garden use, as it can be used with a portable electronic battery. The swing itself is also relatively small from what you may expect, making the swing itself completely portable and easy to handle. The actual size of the swing is not more than twice the size of the child that you would be putting into the swing, so you can be safely assured that if anything bad was going to happen, it would not hurt your child. The materials itself is also relatively small and weak from what you may expect, and although it is made with steel and metal, the actual metal itself is built really thing to allow for structural integrity.

The swing itself is also very attractive for both adults and children alike. They use neutral colours to ensure that anyone can use it, with those same colours being either white or grey. This also makes the swing itself look more technical rather than for fun use. The best part about the colour combination also means that you may be able to easily place the swing within the front garden or the back garden and have it not look out of place. The swing frame itself is not very large or is it very big, meaning that along with its very useful portability you can also make sure the swing never looks out of place for you to use.

The reason that the electronic swing itself is so good to use outdoors in your garden also has partially to do with the design of the item itself. There is no built top above the swing, meaning that the child who is using the swing will not be required to be covered by the weather. If it is a warmer sunnier day and you do not have to worry about the children being sunburn at any point, this is perfect for your child. If you are going to create a new garden for you and your family to use that also involves your kids, then this electronic swing set must be a part of it. It is easy to use and it is also easy to ensure control.

Earthcare is a landscaping company based in Wallington that makes sure to provide one of these electronic swings for the children of the homes they work on, so make sure you visit them. They are very good at what they do, and they are also a company who always keeps the children in mind for the landscaping projects.

Luxury Garden Swings

Although I don’t often get to talk about it much since it’s such an obscure and unfamiliar concept and often times I am talking about either the history of swings themselves or other such things, but I have seen many different luxury swings created by some great carpenters for peoples back gardens and front gardens. When I say luxurious swings, the first thing that comes to mind is a huge swing seat that is either zebra patterned on the seat itself or is huge with pink frills on them. But that is not at all what I’m talking about, mostly. I have seen those types of swings and while I say that they are tacky at best, you can also see why there is a market for that type of thing. Many women and young girls would like that type of design and there is nothing wrong with getting something that is to your own tastes. I have also seen those same swings done tastefully and they can look very nice and are incredibly comfortable depending on the carpenter who created it.

The swings that I am talking about however, are the intricate and beautifully made swings that have a design approach to them. One of the more popular and well-known types of luxury swings that I am talking about are love swings. These are usually swing seats that are complimented with very soft and comfortable seats to allow relaxation. Sometimes, instead of swing seats you would see the same design with hammocks or even hanging beds depending on who created them. The actual frame and exterior of the swing however is what makes it both stand out, and become luxurious. They are often beautifully handcrafted and painted with loving, warm colours to ensure total bliss. The frame itself would be built into a shape of a love heart for lovers to share together, hence getting the name of love swings. Some of these are beautiful, and if you are yet to see one I would suggest looking them up!

Another luxury swing that I am a huge fan of are swings that are designed specifically to relax on as opposed to using as a swing. This again is usually in the shape of either a hammock, or uses a large swing seat to accommodate two people on. The seat itself is also large enough to allow two people to lay down and gently swing and suspend themselves rather than to use as the conventional toy. These swings are also built with a large frame to ensure that people are not hurt when using it, and to ensure the seat itself does not collapse because of the weight of those using it. The frame itself is usually designed into something far more creative than the average swing set design, and depending on where you decide to place it (the back garden or the front, although I would always suggest back), you can task a carpenter to create one for you with whatever design you may like.

I truly love swings, and I am happy there is a market out there for more luxurious and creative swings too. Sadly, I believe that there are not enough carpenters and joiners creating extremely creative and ambitious designs that far outweigh the norm.

History of Swings Part 2

On our previous blog post we spoke briefly about the history of swings. Since there is more to cover in terms of the history behind the activity itself, I thought that a new blog post was naturally necessary. Although swings themselves have been around for a long time, it turns out that the invention of the swing itself has been around much longer than people may have originally thought. Children and babies alike love using swings when it comes to enjoyment and entertainment, and a part of that is due to the swaying motion that swings bring along. When you are a young child or a baby, it is natural that the swinging motion puts you at ease. This is something that is normal all around the world. That is why as we have said in our previous posts that swings have some sort of connection to everyone’s childhood.

As it turns out, the very first swing that had been invented was as early as the 5th century in Greece. The Greeks have been the first culture to have documented the use of swings in history, and they have had early vases and paintings depicting children’s and women swinging on hanging seats. Usually, the older depictions show women being swung on a hanging seat by a man (who I can only assume is courting her!). However, the first genuine evidence of a swing being used was in early Minoan times, which depicted a sculpture of a woman who was sitting on a swing with an elevated seat all the way as early as 1300 BC at least. The only issue with the sculpture itself is that although a woman is depicted using a hanging seat, there is no way to tell if human men or women used the swing itself, and it was not just a miniature toy or sculpture.

Past the Greek 5th Century BC depictions of women using swings, the more popular memories of swings in history were the used by new American pioneering families. It would show the women who are swinging on the seats in very beautiful blouses being swung from a wooden stick that had been elevated by two ropes that had been connected to a tree. In the same vein, it showed children using the same swings being swung around by their parents.

The truth is that swings have been fashioned by anything and everything in the history of the world. There are so many natural swings that exist within the world too. One common example that we have seen because of the film Tarzan is the vine. The film depicts Tarzan swinging around the jungle using an assortment of vines within the jungle itself. Eventually however, people realised how enjoyable swings are to use for children especially, and it became natural for adults to create a safe way for children to use them. That is why currently, most of the double and single swing sets are reinforced with stronger metals or wooden beams that are fastened within the floor to ensure that they are as safe as possible for the children to use. This is also included within the chain link or thick rope fasteners to ensure that the seat itself does not fall apart.

I hope that you have enjoyed todays blog post, and I also hope that you will enjoy our next blog post too!

History of Swings!

One of the things that I wanted to get to on my last blog post but never had a chance to where the history of swings themselves. A swinging seat is often known as a hanging seat for most, especially since that is the basic form of that it is. As said in our last blog post, the swings themselves are often found in playgrounds for both adults and children, while they are also often at circuses for acrobats. One of the examples you would often see swings for adults are at somewhere such as Cirque de Soleil, and they are also often on porches for adults to use to relax. Swings can also be considered something different than just the average children’s activity, and often such as in Latin America you can see swing-like fashions such as hammocks. These are the same type of seats as a swing, and they can also be very enjoyable to use outdoors during the summer.

Often, these swings are suspended using stronger materials such as reinforced wooden beams or metal framing, to ensure that the structural integrity is not compromised over time because of weight. Other times, these same swings may be larger in frame to allow more than just one swing seat, which would then make the swing a swing seat. The swing seats allow more than just one child or one adult to use the swings, and means that they are required to be stronger structurally. This means you’ll have to make sure that every swing is reinforced to allow a large sum of weight over a sustained period.

There are also many different forms of swings too. That is partially the reason I don’t like to suggest that swings are merely hanging seats. The truth is, swings come in all different shapes and sizes. One of the often-used types of swings within America specifically are the tire swings. You would often see this in poorer areas around the United States, and if you have watched many films based around the 1900’s you would have definitely see in within the movies! They basically rely on the suspension of a motor tire that a child can sit inside and be pushed around. They are often hung on chains from things such as metal or wooden beams for structural integrity, and if they are hung flat then they can hold three or more children at a time. You do not even have to use them as a back and forth swing as well, but rather to swing around with.

In future, we are going to get a bit more in depth regarding swings within the world and the history behind them too. Swings are a very important interest to me, mainly because I used to love them as a child but I also love them now that I am older. I think that they are very easy things to create, but are also fun to use. I wouldn’t exactly say that they bring you back to your childhood or easier times or anything such as that, but I will say that I have always carried over a love for them because of my childhood.

In the next blog post we will definitely be going into more detail regarding the history of swings.


The first post that I make on this blog must be the most obvious. This whole blog is about swings, so it only seems appropriate that I speak about them for a bit. You can find swings of all shapes and sizes in practically every location that is a park or a playground around the world, and these days most back yards and gardens also have swings too. They’ve become the most common playground toy in the world because of the amount of fun they bring kids and even to this day a lot of adults! Swings will always be a fun toy for kids and adults alike for both its simplicity and its fun of use. They can be made in all shapes and sizes, and they can be played anywhere if you have a front or back garden. Swings are also probably one of the oldest and cheapest toys for kids and adults to make and use in the world, also giving effect to why they have maintained such popularity throughout the years.

Swings are very easy to make and are a very practical activity as a child, since there is not much work to do. It’s a very simplistic activity that just requires momentum and gravity, and the simplicity of building the swing itself makes it that much more popular and fun to use. While most home owners do not actually own a garden or a front porch to use a swing on, there are swings in many children’s park. This is due to the swing itself being a very easy piece of equipment to create and manufacture, and most importantly for a children’s park to maintain.

A swing is mostly used for the children to enjoy rather than adults, of course. The average children toy within a park must be easy for them to understand and use, but also something that are incredibly strong with little possibility of breakdown or failure. The possibility of children being hurt while using these equipment’s are much lowered than the average household toy. Of course, you can be guaranteed that a child will eventually hurt themselves using a swing because they may either slip off the swing itself or even land badly. However, this is not a fault of the swings design nor is it a fault of the swing itself, rather than the person using it. That’s why parents for the most part feel safer building their own in the back garden, as they can keep an eye on the child without having to worry if they will hurt themselves.

In an up-coming blog post, we will go through the history of a swing and how it was first invented, created, used and so on. For now, however, we wanted this blog post to solely be about the swing itself. It is a world-wide used children’s activity, and it has almost become a staple for generations that have come and gone. It is also an activity that will most likely be around for a long time yet to come, and be involved in most childhoods until the end of time.